FoFi1989 + lisää lehtikuvia

For 1X crew...Here are some pictures I´ve shot working for couple of papers during 2011-2016. 

Flattery and lies never help a photographer. Only a real update of photog´s skills may help him to get better and more creative. We remember only those words that shake our reality.
This is my basic teaching method…is highly unpopular though ;-)

The place of an accident.

A homeboy at Finnish archipelago.

A lovable artist.

Finteens celebrating the springbreak.

Found in customs. Waiting for execution…...

Finland, the land of midnitesun.

Another one bites the dust -- another is watching.

Checking out, my mom waiting to die at 83.

Delivery boy, taking food to retired people.

At funeral, when does father come back? Does he?????

A STUKA of birdland

Some profession, shooting newborn from 9 to 5

A mag asked for the moon, I gave it ---with some branches.

Leaving dogs outside of the Pubs in Finland.

A new job for a happy handicapped girl ( she was much much nicer that us having all capabilities)

A suicide, the finnish way to go. She even smiled to truck driver just before….

Going to a party. With some drinks.

Training a horse.

New real talent, not a new Linda Lampenius.

Waiting to get in the game.

Dangerous roads in wintertime.

Seuraavaksi alemmaksi scrollattaessa tulee muutamien USA keräilijöiden tilaamia alastonkuviani.
Jos alastomuus ahdistaa, älä katso tätä pitemmälle, kiitos!

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