A bussdriver.

A bishop.

The chief of local police.

Running for presidency.

The shoemaker.

The youngest novice for society.

Another winning photojournalist.

Medicin woman and part time witch.

A russian toy terrier called "Destruction"

A lady banker.

Finnish foreign secretary, Erkki Tuomioja.

LenniKalle Taipale, famous pianist.

Maker of grand pianos.

Veijo Meri, famous writer.

A boy and a dog.

A rock starlet.

A woman and the dog called " Beast"

Maker of guitars.

A wannabe starlet.

Old man and a toad.

A trombonist.

Again the winning photojournalist.

A very lovable and cool artist ;-)

Ex rockstar, famous of his chainsaw.

The handyman and TV celebrity.