Somewhere between Ethiopia and Eritrea, maybe in Gondar. A little boy and his father had walked hundred miles to get to a refugee camp after their whole family died suffering the diarrhea caused by dirty drinking water. The boy was already very weak and died some moments after I took this picture.
Father could only sit by 
his son and watch him slowly fade away. And then he was alone!

The house of the rising sun. Something bad happened?

About ten years ago a client gave a very strict brief. The ring had to be in a position where gymnast´s foot seems to be in the middle of it. Her pose should be the very best she could do and go by the official rules of the rhythmic gymnastics.  Ouch! 

I was shooting with HBL 500, cause the client wanted overly large file for some reason, maybe to make a poster? So we started. She put the ring going around her foot and I shot and shot. First about ten polaroids to get the lights ok. Then with film 120 / 12 / 200 ISO. I shot ten rolls and went to lab to get them developed.
Exposure was great, all frames were tack sharp...BUT the ring was not in right position in any of the 120 frames. In every frame I had shot too early or too late. 

Then we took about twenty polaroids to get to know when to press the shutter and finally I got my assistant to shout ...NOW...when the ring was in totally wrong place and I got two frames just right cause of the lag. On the other frame, one of flashguns did not fire, so after a days work I had ONE frame that was OK. 

Oh boy---- if I had a digicam then.

Just at the moment I have a chance to work as a staffer for some months in a smallish newspaper in Southern Finland, the paper is for swedish speaking minority of Finland. These two brave women are trying to save a school that has been discontinued by the authorities. The children would like to stay in this idyllic little schoolhouse.

Same Borg√•bladet paper as above. The authorities have decided to build a housing project in this area but it has served as a dumping ground for decades and some poisonous ashes can still be found.

To go with a magazine story telling how hard it is for a woman and a man to understand each other.

To go with a magazine story about a man that has Alzheimers and is taken care by his wife.

A newspaper coverage about whitening teeth with some ultraviolet light and chemicals.

I made this! The heart and soul of a small community.

Animals traveling need more vaccinations!

An old picture, my only one ever published in the STERN magazine.

A newspaper coverage about bumpy roads.

A glass artist.

To go with a magazine story about a popular finnish singer who drives about 90 000 km / year.

A magazine story about women firefighters.

A magazine story about PARKOUR, the odd moves in cityscapes.

A story about a married professor couple, they have deep conversations in the candlelight!

Newspaper story about renovating an old house.

Newspaper story about handicapped people and the troubles to move in modern cities.

Newspaper story about a woman shooting the first time with a shotgun.

Some pages of a local newspaper, I helped to make better visuals.